Chicken Piccata – the Ultimated Chicken

Chicken Piccata - the Ultimated Chicken
Chicken Piccata – the Ultimated Chicken


I love chicken! I love cheese! I love breaded food! I love Chicken Piccata !
How can you not love the dish anyway? It combines together much of what I love in a single dish .
Originally , then this dish from Italy and served with a tomato sauce.
Wanted to inaugurate my new frying pan from de Buyer with a big test. Have grown tired of all the bad teflon pans that you have to buy in wholesale and retail. Got a tip from a friend , who worked as a chef, which brand was best without costing a fortune. And I can only say WOW what a difference. But I will take up in another post a little later, when I run into it properly .
4 chicken breast cut into slices thinned
4 tablespoons grated Parmesan
4 tablespoons flour for breading
2 beaten eggs
4 tablespoons butter
Salt and pepper
Lemon wedges for serving

Grate the parmesan cheese on a plate. Place flour in another bowl and mix with a little salt. Whisk the eggs with a fork in a bowl. Cut it lengthwise , flatten slightly. Turn the pieces in flour. Shake off excess flour. Turn the pieces first in the eggs then in the grated cheese . Aside. Let rest for a while . Heat shortening in skillet over medium heat . The boiler must not be too hot , not black burn breading . Fry the chicken on both sides until golden brown.

chicken piccata1


2 Comments Add yours

  1. belinda says:

    So easy and tasty. I usually make a lemon caper sauce to go with it, rather than tomato.


    1. Dinner Bank says:

      T´Great 🙂 So many different sauces goes so well with it 🙂


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