Done a LOT


The best Carrotcake
The best Carrotcake

Having had an absolutely incredible, fantastic, athletic, funny, indescribable day in the kitchen. Am I crazy or ….? Not many, if any, summarizes how fun to find it and varöfr I always have food in the head. Everything revolves around food. Am I alone on this planet believe?

So what I was acheiving a great Moroccon Chicken Tajine with almonds for dinner to 10 people including rice, salad and freshly baked bread, While I was at it, I did 2 Carrot cake and saffron buns. Felt like that while I stood there, it was just put together. So if anyone is hungry for coffee and refreshments so welcome here!

So when it was clear so I made dinner for me.

Later tonight or tomorrow morning recipes will come out.

Homebaked bread
Homebaked bread

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