Tonquin beans ganache – a wonderful dessert

Tonquin beans ganashe
Tonquin beans ganashe

Tonquin beans was something completely new to me. Found a pack Tonquin beans in the gourmet store here in town. They themselves did not know how to use them , when I asked. Tonka beans are often used in perfumes, and I know it’s one of my favorite scents. So I bought them . And it was well worth the money . The first week I went most just and opened the cap to get to enjoy the wonderful fragrance they have.

So today I decided , today is the day I ‘ll make my first try with these wonderful beans. Did something simple just in case…  And you know what ? The result was amazing fantastic.

200ml cream
100g white chocolate
3 shared tonka beans
Boil cream with tonka beans in about 5 minutes. You begin to feel the delightful aroma even then. Strain the beans. And add the chocolate. Stir until the chocolate has melted . Set in a cool place and let it cool down properly . When it’s really cold, take an electric mixer and beat up at a really fluff pulp , which is fast . Upload to plates and serve happily with fresh fruit.


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