Brie omelett with truffle oil

Brie omelett with truffle oil
Brie omelett with truffle oil


What is great gourmé food for you? It varies so much . It would be fun to know what you think.
For me it’s the food that makes your mouth and stomach happy. Not the costs… Expensive does not automatically mean it’s tasty….
An ingredient may perhaps be expensive to buy, but instead needed very little of it. So in the long run it will not be expensive. One example is truffle oil . With it only needed a few drops to transform food to new heights. And you will he Truffle Oil at home very long time.
Now you’ll get such recipe from me:

Brie omelet with truffle oil 
2 beaten eggs
2 slices of brie cheese in large pieces
salt and pepper
oil for frying
A few drops of truffle oil
Mix the eggs, salt and pepper. Heat the frying pan. Beat the eggs and add all at once in Brie cheese . Let the fried clearly on one side and then turn it . Fried to the other side golden. Wear high heat, to get it like that creamy . Post on plate and sprinkle with truffle oil . Eat and enjoy!


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  1. Angie Mc says:

    Excellent food for me is that which is transformed from everyday practical (function) to extraordinary in form (appearance and texture) and taste…mainly amazing TASTE! This recipe fills the bill for me, especially since I LOVE creamy, flavorful, melty cheese 🙂


    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Yes I totally agree with you 🙂 You dont need much to change a dish from a every-day to something fantastic 🙂 Totally agree, cheese is always right 🙂


  2. lovingthem says:

    You had me at “brie.” ❤


  3. Karoleen says:

    I’m of the notion that good food is about taste taste taste – I’ll rather have a bowl of noodles with amazing flavors than a pricy fois gras filled sirlion steak… It’s about quality rather than quantity… =)


    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Totally agree with you 🙂 And some things that might looks expensive and instead you just need to use very very small amount of it. So in the long run, it´s also cheap. 🙂


      1. Karoleen says:

        Exactly =)


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