Theodor Tea – One of the best teas ever

Theodor teas
Theodor teas

I have been fortunate to get hold of teas from the world’s best tea houses, Theodor. The owner, Guillaume Leleu, is one of the only 30 “Tea taster ” of the world. All their teas are organic. And thanks to the frequent deliveries of teas, they are always fresh, organic and no artificial flavors are added.

All the way and to the beautiful jar , everything is handmade. Even the beautiful tea tin as the packaging is handmade .
They are sold through that at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, restaurant Beluga in Maastricht and at Hankyu Tokyo .
I had my doubts about such an expensive tea, be no difference in a more normal everyday tea. Tea is the tea, as well as… How happy I am to be wrong!

Theodor Tea
Theodor Tea

WOW What teas ! This is really top of the top of the best! To begin with , the beautiful handmade jar is both easy to open and close. No hassle at all. When you opened the can so you’re greeted by a wonderful tea aroma. You know the direction which ones you opened . When you power up the tea , you will see coconut , you see bits of fruit . You can see the spices , as the tea is spiced with . One of the red teas I’ve only contain fruit pieces, no tea leaves.
When you let the tea to stand for 3-4 minutes then it will come into their bests.
And when you get that first sip of this divine tea, you’ll understand what quality is… 

Bouqet from the hot tea , the taste that tickles the taste buds and the aftertaste that stays long in the mouth after swallowing it.

Theodor Tea
Theodor Tea

I really can not rank any out of the five varieties I have, which is the best. Everyone has their best. And for me, what kind of tea I drink depends on what mood I’m at.

The red teas I have 2 of them. Is really floral, summery and totally fabulous. One red only or fruit pieces. Guess if it is wonderful?
The 3 black teas with their spices, fruit pieces, coconut and crushed cacao beans are amazing!
Is it worth the money? YES for sure. Try this with!


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  1. Never been much of a tea drinker. dont know why. i think growing up i made too much tea for my mom. i like coffee. somewhat.. dont drink that often either. i tend to have it in winter only to warm up and any other time i drink it, it’s to eat a cookie. i cant have a cookie without dipping it. hence the need for coffee.


    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Im a big drinker of both coffee and tea. Enjoy them both 🙂


      1. lol im a funny one. i like the cheap crap. lol like coffee.. i like the instant cheap on best. I love the smell of coffee walking past coffee shops, but i wont actually drink the brew. it’s too strong for me them filtered ones.


      2. Dinner Bank says:

        hihi I know what you mean 🙂 Im like that in time to time. But this tea is really really something different 🙂 The once who have tried it with me agree that you tast a hugh different between this tea and other once. 🙂


  2. thatnavaword says:

    Hell there. I was formerly known as THAT FOOD THING, but am now THAT NAVA WORD. had to change things. so if you’d like to refollow me, you know where to find me. kind regards


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