I have tasted the clouds in the sky

Clouds on a plate
Clouds on a plate

I have tasted a piece of heaven ! Now I know how the clouds taste .
The other day I walked past my favorite shop DuÅ, and of course I could not resist going in there and take a look . They get it home so new things and there’s how much wonderfully good and so beautiful things to look at. Dream away and window shopping is of course free. But I always come out with a bag of somethings. This time was no exception. It got some goodies to eat and try. What exactly it was going to be marked here on the blog to come.

Heaven consists in an absolutely stunning French cream ! WOW Simply incredible ! I’m not that great lover of cream because it tastes fat in any way. But this is like nothing I’ve tasted before. It’s like this cloud tastes .
It is naturally very thick. When you pick it up so it has the same texture as if you’ve beaten it for a while . Not at all liquid and runny. If you have a chance to get your hands on it, BUY! You will get to taste something incredibly amazing .

Yes the clouds in the sky …

Fått reda på att de eventuellt kan ha denna grädde hos NK, Stockholm. Men bästa är att förbeställa den.


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