Rghaif or Msmmen – Moroccon pankcakes

Rghaif or Msmmen - Moroccon pancakes
Rghaif or Msmmen – Moroccon pancakes

Todays lunch 🙂 I LOVE this pancakes! And with this cream I have at home… Heavenly 🙂


How good isn’t it with pancakes. How do you like your pancakes? And there are so many different kinds of pancakes. All equally good. I still remember when I was a child, was pancake the only thing I refused to eat . It persisted until I became an adult. Why I did not like the pancake , I still not know yet . But today I do it often and in many different ways .
When I make pancakes at home , I will share my them with you readers . And I promise there will be many different ways.
Today there will be pancakes from Morocco , Msmmen or Rghaif as it is called . A beloved child has the many names is a common saying .
It is special in many different ways. First, it contains semolina and the special fold. I will show you how to fold…

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