Tonka Mango cake with chocolate candy

Tonka Mango cake with chocolate candy
Tonka Mango cake with chocolate candy


Sometimes the urge for something sweet too strong. You know what I mean right? Then fit this cake perfectly. Fast, easy and tastes like the ones you buy ready-made.

Tonka beans I just had from OLiOLi was smelling fantastic! And had bought some once time molds wanted to test so it was perfect to test them now.
Tonka Mango cake with chocolate
125g melted butter
200ml sugar
200 ml flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
300 ml diced mango
50 oz chocolate candy
0,5 finely grated tonka bean
Mix all ingredients above the line carefully. Stir gently down the remaining ingredients. Turn into a greased dish and bake at 200 C for about 30 minutes.

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  1. thatnavaword says:

    all you do is make me sad that i can have any

    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Just come on over and you can have a pice 😉

      1. thatnavaword says:

        lol sniff. cant have. diabetic. unless i have once slice on my cheat day

      2. Dinner Bank says:

        I bet that on your cheat day it will tast fantastic! Sorry about your diabetic ❤ I was on my way to get it too but I lost weight and it went away.

      3. thatnavaword says:

        good that you check it out beforehand. mine is pretty controled. NO meds. just healthy eating and losing weight

      4. Dinner Bank says:

        Thats good you dont need meds for it. 🙂 So its a chance you get to go away then. 🙂 Losing weight gives a new life, me -40kg. 🙂

      5. thatnavaword says:

        nice!!! congrats! im 13kg down and 17 to go. Im very strick during the week but i indulge at least once a week

      6. Dinner Bank says:

        WOW! Good work! 🙂 Big congratulations 🙂 Keep on the good work! 🙂 You will fix it 🙂

  2. viewsplash says:

    This is totally yummy-looking-licious!

    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 it is for sure. It went right away 🙂 Try it you will love it 🙂

      1. viewsplash says:

        I’ll have this with me… Wifes out of home… will cook when she’s home! 😀

      2. Dinner Bank says:

        Great! 🙂 Make it for her as a suprice when she comes home 😉

      3. viewsplash says:

        Done deal! Great Idea! 😀

      4. Dinner Bank says:

        😀 Super! Let me know when she thinks of it 😉

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