Umeå – the city with 8 seasons

Västerbottens Tapas
Västerbottens Tapas

Umeå – the city with eight seasons. The city with the burning snow. City of Birches . The city with the heart smile . EU Capital of Culture 2014 … The city that has had many names at the end. The opening was last weekend. And lasted several days . Must say it was really nice that they dared to go for a city so far north .

The Sami culture seems to get a great spot, which is very fun to see. It is after all quite unknown. Anyway food is culture and this place is special because we have very long summer days , because we have the sun up 24-7 and the winters long and hard , but the sun in sight.

We were served bread and Saami Reindeer broth with dried reindeer heart to all who wanted.
In a Sami tent a restaurant has opened its doors and offered locally produced foods . Among other Västerbotten tapas , which were reindeer soup , smoked salmon , Västerbotten ostcreme , flatbread and various cured meats , fish and chips with fish from the Gulf of Bothnia , Hot dogs with lamb sausage and sourdough bread baked by one of the country’s best bakers. ( Swedish champion the other year ) one of he world’s best and most famous cheeses in the world, manufactured in a little village outside. Do you want to experience something out of the ordinary in the way of food, welcome to Umeå!



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