Cafe Touba – Gambian spicy Coffee

Cafe Touba
Cafe Touba


When I was in The Gambia , West Africa , a few years ago so I drank often this coffee. It really is very good and tastes fantastic. However, I am not so clever as they pour between the cups as long jets of water . But it tastes great anyway.
It took a long time before I realized what it was that gave coffee its distinctive taste . And it was only recently I found out what it was that gave the flavor. It was selim pepper ! Guess if I was happy ? ! I LOVE coffee in all its forms and flavors. So now I do it often here at home. Thought I could share with you so you too can do it . Surprise your friends maybe a good cup of coffee uncommon .
Selim pepper , I have written about in the last post . Please read more about it there.
Dark Roasted Coffee is best to use , I think.
Take a whole Selim pepper and crush it. Put it in the coffee maker . Size up for two cups of coffee, and the amount of water you usually take two cups . Let it all be brewed as usual. And you have a spicy good coffee but a little different toutch .
Very good , I promise you this.

Check with OLiOLi or with anyone who sells Gerard Vives spices.


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  1. M. R. says:

    I’m sure you’re right – I believe what you say. But two things prevent me: (1) Can’t but the selim pepper from Herbie’s Spice, and (2) I make coffee in an espresso machine. Sighh…


    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Well Im sure someone close to you sell Vivres spices or have Selim pepper. The espresso mashine hmmm… Just jump over the espresso 😉


  2. Right away I am going away too do my breakfast, later than having my breakfast comkng again to reaad more news.


    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Great! 🙂 Enjoy your breakfast and welcome back to me then. 🙂


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