I´m in love

Balsamico vinegar
Basamico vinegar


I ‘m in love …. yes I know it is spring and the emotions walks hand in hand … A natural response might then.
A delectable sweet but with a sharp character … With flowers and sweetness that few are bestowed . With a lively acidity that are not so obvious. No inexpensive type this not without a degree well -bred is what one is . No type who gets angry in the first place or you have to suit up for not he should take over. No, this is a lovely vernal love, where one feels the cherries are dancing on the tongue.
I’ll Talk about the object of my love, it’s a wonderful balsamic vinegar, Verrini Munari Rosso ! The absolute best and most delicious balsamic vinegar I’ve ever tasted . Perfect for both poultry, meats and desserts!
Where swing by Dua here in town because I heard that Mia from OLiOLi shop what is and it was a chance I really did not want to miss! OLiOLi shopi has the most amazing spices (which I’ve written so many times before here on the blog ) She stood and demonstrated their amazing olive oils and this great love in the form of a balamico vinegar.
I know many do not like basmico vinegar , but it is usually because it is a cheap, icket long stored vinegar. This has been on oak and cherry barrels for 5 years and picked up the sweetest tones. Try for you will not regret it!

And please take a moment and wisit this fantastic OLiOLi webshop! The things she sells are amazing


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  1. ChgoJohn says:

    A fine balsamic is worth its weight in gold. How lucky that you’ve found one that you really enjoy.


    1. Dinner Bank says:

      This one is a liqued gold in a bottle. 🙂 Yes really its sooo BIG BIG different between a fine one and a bad.


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