Cake: The unlikely political metaphor in Sweden’s upcoming election

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Strawberry Cake

In a bit over a month, Sweden has its parliamentary, county and local elections and the Swedish campaign season is well underway. One of the interesting phenomena surrounding the campaigning strategies by the different block parties (Sweden’s political system has for the past decade been marked by block politics where the individual parties form alliances and it is the collective votes of each block that determines the outcome of the election) is by far the role of cake.

Swedes do have a particular fondness for cakes, pastries and cookies, but that is usually confined to coffee breaks. Now, however, it used as an illustration of the failings of the opposite block.

The first video, produced by the current governing block, the Alliance, presents a rather traditional strawberry-cream cake with the voice-over “The election is soon. Will it be the Alliance again? Or are you thinking of something different?”. As that has…

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  1. M-R says:

    NEW THEME ! – whole new look, and it’s terrific, Maria ! Well done.
    As to the cake metaphor: I loathe advertising, so this is one kind that I think is quite good: the idea of creating a horrible kind of mishmash is something that sticks in the mind.
    Of course, I have no opinion at all about the forthcoming elections; but the video of the ad is definitely clever.


    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Thanks 🙂 All the credit to my daughter for the design and the reblog 🙂 She is both smart and creative. 🙂
      For the upcoming elections, this video is good but the parties (the same who runs the country now) is terrible and only for the elite people. So I really hope for a change.


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