Saffron gingerbread mousse

I made this delicious saffron gingerbread mousse over the holidays and it was absolutely delightful. Particularly around the festivities where you eat a lot of sweets and various treats, it can be nice to have something which is not too sweet but still feels decadent and not too much.  Not to mention, what screams more wintertime than spices like saffron, ginger and peppers?

This is a recipe which features few ingredients, but they are usually dairy-based. Being lactose intolerant means that I have swapped the mascarpone and cream to lactose free alternatives, but the result will be the same if you want to go with the normal kind. The mousse takes almost no time to prepare and it will impress any guests you may have. (While you can make it for yourself, I recommend having people over as this will generate 6 portions)


  • 0.5g saffron
  • 250ml of cream
  • 250g of mascarpone (one packet)
  • 0.5dl / 50ml of caster sugar

Begin by letting the saffron soak in the cream. I would say a minimum of an hour, but it can soak for longer if you have time – it will only ensure there is more flavour in the cream. Proceed to whip the cream and then add in the mascarpone and the caster sugar and whip it all together.


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