Confit tomatoes

This dish is so good and almost addictive! But not only that very easy to make as well.

Unfortunately all my herbs died in the last storm we had here. Blasted with the salt and sand from the sea killed them. The rest of the garden went as well. A price one have to pay by living so close to the sea.

Confit tomatoes

500 g ecological cherry tomatoes

4 sliced garlic

0,5 teaspoon oregano

0,5 teaspoon basil

0,5 teaspoon thyme

Ecological olive oil

Put the own on 100c.

Mix the herbs and garlic together with the oil. Put the tomatoes in a own proof baking dish. Sprinkle the herbs and garlic over the tomatoes. Cover the tomatoes totally with the olive oil. Put it in the own for 60 minutes. Take them out and let them rest in the oil until it’s cold.

Perfect for tapas, salads and for pasta, meat and fish. And save the oil for dipping bread, sprinkle over salads or pastas.


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