Tapas with goat cheese, figs and walnuts

If you ever been home to me, you most likely has this once. Sooo easy to prepare and you can do many in one go and keep them in the freezer, as long you don’t bake them. Just take a prepare roll from the freezer when you know you will have someone at the door in 10 minutes.

Started to make this once when I moved here. And in the hot summer weather is sooo perfect to do and have ready if someone knocking at your door.

Tapas with goat cheese, figs ad walnuts

1 role of puff pastry

100 g granted goat cheese

100 g figs marmalade

About 20 walnuts finally chopped

Roll out the puff pastry and spread the figs marmalade. Twinkle the cheese and walnuts all over the pastry. Until here you can prepare it and keep it in the freezer.

When you going to serve it, cut the roll in 1 cm slices. Put it on owen plate 200c until they got nice colours. Watch out! The figs marmalade can get it to look burned because of the sugar in it

You can do the same with chorizo, black olives and granted cheese. Keep them in the freezer and slice them and do the same as if it was goat cheese.


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