When I found liquid gold – Nilva wine

Some times good and fantastic things happens without a plane. As I always says, everything thing happens for a reason.

I’m happy and blessed to live in one of the best places in Europe or even in the world. Andalusien, Spain. 🇪🇸

There are so much to explore and discover around here. Just open your eyes and heart and you will find yourself in paradise.

As I am very lucky to live where I live. With people who is willing to share all the good, nice things here with me. Still after over 4 years I’m a newcomer in many eyes.

One day I went with some neighbours to a very small organic winery, just a couple of kilometres from home and I found liquid gold there!

This, at this time, was a very small winery with just 1000 wine stocks. Everything was run by one man with a huge vision and dreamed of making a quality organic white wine. The grape who helped him with this dream is Alejandria Muscatel.

In the village of Manilva and around the area, wine making was an old, family run business. And the thoughts was quantity not quality. So to get good harvests, chemicals was used in this process of making wine.

But Argimiro Martínez Moreno wanted to fulfills is dream and passion to make a organic, high quality wine. So he started up Nilva wine. His passion and very hard work, his wine have so far 2 gold medals 🥇 and I am sure he will get the third one in a row this year as well. This year wine, I have had the pleasure to tast, is even better then last years. His passion for the wine and the wine yard is amazing. You cannot miss it when you hear him talking.

The wine yard is Europe southern located. Actually you can see Africa from the yard. The weather is a big challenge and very unpredictable as well. You have a view of the hole coastline of Costa del Sol. You will never ever get tired of the views. Lucky grapes who, grows with it. And with Argimiros love to the grapes he grows, the wine becomes a dry, fruity and liquorice tast.

As I think is ideas are fantastic and what future need, I wanted to share this fantastic experience with others. So far I have taken about 8 big groups up there. Many like me, returns many times to visite the winery and the wine yard. Where we get a fantastic lunch along with the wine tasting.

One super idea Nilva wine have, is that you can adopt a wine stock, who will carrying the sponsors name for ever. The sponsorship helps Nilva to expand and get more people the chance to drink this liquid gold there white wine really are. And you help Mother Earth as well to heal.

If you want to join in and visit Nilva wine with my groups, send me a message or go to there website.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan R Block says:

    During Covid – are they allowing wines to be shipped?


    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Yes they do shipping the wine. Here is there website: https://nilva.es/


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