A dreamy foodie & culture trip! Don’t miss it!

Im going to travel soon! I can not wait to get there! I’m so excited!

Where would a foodie like me want to go, you might wonder? To the place where you have the flying carpets along with the snake charmers. The aroma of the different spices. Colours all from the rainbow. Shatters. Playing children on the streets. Food that been cooked with love and care from recipes that goes back hundreds and hundreds years back.

Yes, I’m going to Marrakech in Morocco!🇲🇦 A trip I have wanted to do since I started to cook as a child. Many, many years ago. And finally I will go to there! I feeling like a small child at Christmas time.

We, Katarina at Travelroom.se and me, putted together. Katarina is amazing person and know for sure what she’s doing. She’s a traveler and I’m a foodie. A great mix for a successful trip. Great companions that will join in as well.

If you are a reader, who followed me through the years, might know I have a weak heart for Middle Eastern food. Actually I cooked Moroccan food in the Master chef contest in tv and the jury liked that much as they let me through!

Been to Agadir, Morocco but didn’t made it to Marrakesh that time. Which I been regretting ever since then. So a dream comes through now.

Please join our trip by contacting me or Katarina and we will give you more information.


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