Gazpachuelo – Tasty Spanish fish soup with mayonnaise

One of the most tastiest soups I ever had! Don’t think that mayonnaise doesn’t work in a soup or it’s to strange to try it out. If you think so, you will miss out a fabulous and fantastic soup! Perfect for the cold winter days.


    1 large coarse sliced leeks

    750 ml good fish broth

    300 g peeled diced potato

    4 fish fillets lubina

    3/4 dl good mayonnaise

    1 finely chopped garlic clove


    1 diced carrot

    6 asparagus sliced

Brown leeks until it has a nice color. Add the garlic and potatoes and vegetables. Pour over the broth. Bring to a boil until the vegetables have become soft. Pick up the vegetables and place them in a deep plate. Turn off the heat on the broth.

Under the time, fry the fish in olive oil with the skin side down until it is cooked through.

Whisk in the mayonnaise in the broth until it becomes completely smooth. Add the vegetables. Heat the soup again.

Serve the soup and place a fish fillet on top.

Carrot and asparagus I have in order to get color and more taste.


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  1. Omg cannot think of something like this..
    Just had glimpse through your blog and I must say it leaves me awestricken..!
    Damn everything seems soooo happy to taste 🤤🧡
    All the best
    Have a great day..! 🙂


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