The best, quickest and easiest Salmon recipe- Crispy Salmon

Very quick and full of flavour with this Crispy Salmon. I choose to serve it with different kind of beans and peas.

This recipe I got from my daughter one day when I had no ideas what to have for dinner. Who hasn’t had totally empty rain when it comes to serve for dinner? Now I don’t have this problem anymore. Thank you Elma❣️

Crispy Salmon

300g of deboned salmon with the skin (this is for 2ppl. If more just take a bigger pice of salmon)

4-6 tablespoons olive oil

20 g salted butter

1 tablespoon Bhuna curry past or Chermoula (or any other curry paste you have at home)

Heat up the frying pan pretty hot. And the oil, butter and curry paste) Stir so the curry is mixed with the oil/butter. Put the salmon in the hot pan with the skin side down. Now you pouring The curry oil over the salmon frequently. When the fish is done by about 80% you turn it over and let it get ready in the hot pan. Still pouring the oil over. Done!👍

Serve with mash potatoes, pasta or spicy rice and peas and beans with it.

Quick easy dinner ready to serve. 😋👍


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