Growing vegetables at home

There is something special feeling when you can go out and harvest from your own garden.

My lemon tree

I know many who isn’t that fortunate with a garden. But there is solutions even if you living in a flat to grow your own vegetables or even your own mushrooms.

I started to look into growing things at flats , when we couldn’t celebrate Christmas as normal because of the Corona. Like most people we couldn’t or chooses to not meet our love once this Christmas. We decided it wasn’t worth the risk to celebrate one Christmas and get sick… Even if everyone of my love once working from home or extremely safe surroundings. Better to have many more Christmas ahead as I’m in a extremely vulnerable group.

So I started to look into things you can grow at home, in a flats. I was totally amazing what you can do. You can grow even your own mushrooms, vegetables and herbs!

Wow! It was so much you could do! •Hydroponics, means growing in water and no soils needed. I haven’t tried it myself yet.

Micro growing

• Microgreens is a way to grow and harvest the vegetables when they developed the heart leaves. This microgreens have much more good things then the fully grown siblings. For example red cabbage has 49 times more vitamin E then there bigger siblings. And also more full of flavours too.

• Garden growing vegetables. Back from where I coming from, we could just grow things growing under in soil because of the cold weather and early winters. Here where I live now, it’s a bit difficult because it’s getting to hot in the summers.

I’m my younger days I grow lots of different mushrooms. And it was sooo fun! Haven’t you tried it, please do. Even Amazon can deliver to your door and most garden centres can help you. If they are open. But with a lock down Amazon is more reliable to get what you wants, when you want it safely.

Lemon kumquats

Today I will harvest my lemon kumquats! Love to make my Siciliana lemon marmalade with them. Takes a bit of patience but you will get well rewarded. I promise you.

Bay leafs in flowering

My bay leaves blooming very nicely now. So fun with eatable flowers.


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