Bizzy buzzer

Been some hectic days the last couple of days. Sorry not been here but I haven’t been lazy.

This single tree gave us so much fruits.

Picked lemons the other day as you can see in my latest BLOG The results it became 2 really big pans of Siciliana lemon marmalade It became really lovely marmalade as usual. I sincerely love this recipe I got from a former member of the Swedish Master chief. He was on it before I was in the program.

So juicy chicken

Some hospital visits too. And had some work done on the house. So quick food for dinners house days. So I made a really lovely rotisserie chicken in my my Air fryer Read more about this lovely oven on the link above. Had 3 lovely meal out of it. Here is the recipe The world best whole roast chicken So yesterday it was a Chicken soup for dinner.

The last of the chicken became a lovely soup

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