Helping others by cooking for free

Thinking of how much food and cooking means to me. Will share some of them with you every now and then.

Cooking brings out so many fun memories.

Where I was living before, I very often cooked and baked for others for free. Specially for friends who has lots of children and was working long hours, poor or was sick. Trouble to cook healthy home made for the families… I had the time and the desire to cook.

So what I did was helping them out by cooking homemade meals for them. Of course free of charge. Just the joy to see them picking up the food when it was ready was absolutely a great feeling to be able to help them out. Knowing children will go to bed and sleep without being hungry. They always gave me a thank you tip even if I said no. Unfortunately this doesn’t work here where I live now. But I’m great full I could help others at that time of my life. ❤️

Love cooking ❤️

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  1. moragnoffke says:

    Yes cooking for others is very worthwhile. 👍👍

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    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Thank you. Yes it’s for sure. 👍🙏


  2. This looks wholesome and tasty!

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  3. usfman says:

    My wife cooks now for her ailing 95 year old father. What do you think would be a good recipe for this person who’s somewhat dependent on liquified food recipes?

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