True Viking food – Lamb with barely and ale

This is a blog who travels in places and time. This time we travelling back in time to the Vikings.

As the Vikings didn’t have potatoes, they ate grains with there meat and fish. A long with beets and carrots. To drink it was mostly with mead or ale.

Dining Viking style

I found this very interesting. As we went to Viking Resturant Aifur in old town of Stockholm couple of years ago, I have read up a lot about what they ate. If you ever visit Stockholm, you have to visite the Viking museum and Vasa museum before you ending your day dining Viking style at Aifur..

Lamb cooked in ale and barely

  • 4 legs of lamb
  • 2 chopped onions
  • 200 g barely
  • 500 ml ale
  • 3 peel carrots chopped
  • 1 liter of water
  • Salt and pepper

Fry the lamb in high heat until in a casserole pan until it got a nice colour.

Add the onions. Let fry for a bit until the onions is soft.

Add the rest of the ingredients. Put the ale and water. Put on a lid.

Cook in low heat for about 2 hours until the barley and the lamb is tender. The meat should fall of the bone.

True Viking food – Lamb cooked in ale and barely

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  1. Marjan says:

    I am really going to try this Viking dish! I hope I can buy all the ingredients in Holland, but I do think so!

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    1. Dinner Bank says:

      Please do try it. The dish taste delicious. The lamb and the ale works very well together. Let me know when you done it. 👍


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