Pea sallad with lemon

An easy and simple way to serve peas. Speciell if you having it with fish, as it´s match perfectly with each other, 1 cup peas juice from 0.5 lemon 0.5 sliced ​​leek 0.5 tsp oregano salt pepper olive oil Mix all ingredients and let stand for about 1 hour before serving.

Mashed potatoes with Lemon and Thyme

Plain boiled potatoes can become a bit boring. Then try this. I can promise you that you will do about it many times since. It is absolutely amazing good and easy. 4 servings of freshly boiled potatoes without skins 0.5 sliced ​​leek 0.5 citric 1 tsp thyme 50g butter salt oil to form Grease an…