Zatáar – Arabic spice mix

Zatáar is a very common spice mixture all over the Middle East and North Africa. Perfect for chicken, pizza, the bread, etc. 3 tablespoons dried oregano 2 tablespoons dried thyme 3 tablespoons sumack 1 teaspoon salt 75 ml toasted sesame seeds Just to mix and store airtight until ready for use.

Pea sallad with lemon

An easy and simple way to serve peas. Speciell if you having it with fish, as it´s match perfectly with each other, 1 cup peas juice from 0.5 lemon 0.5 sliced ​​leek 0.5 tsp oregano salt pepper olive oil Mix all ingredients and let stand for about 1 hour before serving.

Pizza sallad

  This is the perfect thing with the Pizza or meatballs! Once you tried it you will love it. And imagen you can eat a lot of this sallad and enjoy the pizza as well.  Even on a cheese sandwich it’s perfect. Enjoy!   600 grams of fresh cabbage 1 teaspoon salt 1 pinch black…